Our ring light Selfie Station isn't just a photo booth – it's an entertainment system that takes your selfies, GIFs, and boomerangs to the next level. With professional-grade lighting, every shot becomes a masterpiece. We offer a seamless SMS sharing feature that allows you to send the pictures directly to your phone for an instant download. Our overlays are also customizable with brand colors or a company logo. So, when your guests share their photos your company, brand or event gets more exposure! We also give companies the option to sponsor one of our selfie stations and have their logo added to a custom overlay for the event as a proud sponsor.

  • On-Site Experience Director
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Custom Logo Branding/Overlay on Photo
  • Live Action Props
  • Guest receives High-Quality Photo Instantly
  • Delivery, Set-up, and Take Down
Selfie Station


From corporate boardrooms to bustling kitchens we understand that every industry has its own story to tell. Our professional photography services go beyond just capturing images - we capture essence. We offer our photography services in a variety of industries including corporate events, hospitality, special events, real estate, and so much more!

  • Photo edits & touch ups
  • Full Print Rights
  • 48-72 hour turnaround
Professional Photography


Elevate your next event with our mesmerizing 360 Photo Booth Experience. Our 360 spinning Photo Booth was designed to add a touch of magic to any event, whether it’s for business or pleasure. We can accommodate private parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, trade shows, and much more. Our Photo Booth gives you the option to add a personalized touch, with our branding features. You can add an overlay of your choice with a logo, monogram, or a personalized message to make your event more memorable. Every video or picture captured acts as keepsakes for your guests, so they can text themselves their pictures and download them instantly.

  • Pixster 360™ Slow Motion Video Stage
  • On-Site Experience Director
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Custom Logo Branding/Overlay on Video
  • Live Action Props
  • Digital Sharing Station
  • Online Access to Videos
  • 6 Piece Stanchion Package
  • Delivery, Set-up, and Take Down
  • Guest receives High-Quality Video Instantly
360 Photobooth