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Perfect Look Photos was founded in 2021 by Reese Meighan. It initially started as an entertainment company that offered 360 Photo booths. But now Perfect Look Photos is a reputable photographic company dedicated to providing corporate companies with a unique and engaging way to enhance their events, increase brand visibility, and generate marketing content.  We offer 360 Photo booths, Selfie Stations, and Professional Photography, so no matter what type of event you’re hosting, we got you covered! At Perfect Look Photos, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with a memorable photographic experience. By offering custom overlays, fun props, and a seamless photo-sharing experience, we aim to address the challenges companies face in standing out in a competitive market and creating memorable event experiences.  Our team is very hands-on to make sure your guests get the full premium experience.  This year Perfect Look Photos is looking forward to giving back to the community and working with the youth to provide internship opportunities to teens with an interest in entrepreneurship or photography. We love inspiring the youth and helping them develop high-value skills, so we intend to provide them with selfie stations, teach them about providing hospitable experiences at events, and have them learn the ins and outs of running a business.

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lyfestyle award
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I’m Reese Meighan, the founder, and CEO of Perfect Look Photos! I’m a Fort Lauderdale native that attended FAMU to study business! I spent over a decade working with animals in various capacities before I got the inspiration to launch Perfect Look Photos in 2021! I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit so when I got into photography and the photo booth industry it just felt right to start my own business and offer my service to the masses. Through my business I strive to provide people with memorable event experiences and in turn give back to my own community.

Perfect Look Photos

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